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As much as I love WordPress and the Internet for tutorials. Nothing beats learning some things than a good book or good ebook for that matter ^_^ When i was first starting out in learning WordPress my first book was this book. I will say that I learn a number of things from this book and it was real helpful as a startup. It was very easy to follow and it answered most of the questions I had on certain issues.

WordPress 2 (Visual QuickStart Guide)

Description: Taking the average blogger further than blogspot can, WordPress allows bloggers to create more complicated sites with their
open-source technology, rather than blogger which is limited by HTML changes to their templates.

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide shows you how to install, use, and customize WordPress to get the most from the software. Includes tips that explain why certain techniques are better than others, how to watch for potential problems, and where readers can find more information.

Author’s Site

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WordPress Complete

The second book that I came across and I still refer too quite often is the WordPress Complete: set up, customize, and market your blog. I bought this book online and it didn’t cost too much and it was a worthwhile buy. You have a choice of either buying it as an ebook or as a paperback. I bought the ebook because I really needed it at the time. Furthermore since it’s a pdf its much easier to find particular issues using the word finder.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Description: It is an ideal tool for developing blogs and though it is chiefly used for blogging, it can also be used as a complete CMS with very little effort. Its versality and ease of use has attracted a large, enthusiastic, and helpful community of users. If you want to create powerful, fully-featured blogs in no time, this book is for you. This book will help you explore WordPress showing you what it offers and how to go about building your blog with the system. You will be introduced to the main aspects of a blog – users, communities, posts, comments, news feeds – and learn how to manage them using WordPress. You will develop the skills and confidence to manage all types of content, be it text or images, on your blog, and also understand how users interact with the blog.

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Blog Design Solutions (Paperback)

The third one I came across is actually a manual on the different types of blogging platforms out there. This was terribly helpful too. What I really loved about the book, was they gave a thorough overview on different blogging platforms out there, most of require you to pay. The book is called Blog Design Solutions by Phil Sherry , Andy Budd, Simon Collison , Michael Heilemann , Richard Rutter , David Powers , Chris J. Davis , John Oxton

In this book, a team of renowned web designers take you through the ins and outs of putting together great blogs. They waste no time harking on about the philosophy of blogs, or the community behind them. Instead, they get straight to the practical details, showing how to set up a basic blog in some of the world’s most popular blogging engines – Movable Type, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Textpattern. With your blog set up, they then show you how to build great looking, usable layouts for your blog. The last chapter even shows you how to build your very own PHP/MySQL-based blog engine!

With this book in hand, you’ll have found your way to blog heaven in no time!

Summary of contents:

  • Chapter 1: The “Web Log”
  • Chapter 2: Creating a Local Test Environment for Your Blog
  • Chapter 3: Movable Type
  • Chapter 4: ExpressionEngine
  • Chapter 5: WordPress
  • Chapter 6: Textpattern
  • Chapter 7: Write Your Own Blog Engine

Below are some of the other books that I haven’t read yet, but I found them after surfing for a bit, and hopefully it will be of help to someone else out there.

Remember our famous wordpress online helper Lorelle? Guess what she’s got her own book. To be honest I didn’t know that she her own book till i started searching for books. So well done girl for getting this out to help us hopeless bloggers ^_^

Blogging Tips, What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging.

Blogging Tips Book by Lorelle VanFossenBlogging Tips
What bloggers won’t tell you about blogging
by Lorelle VanFossenReturning to the basics, Lorelle VanFossen has put together hundreds of the tips you need to know before you start blogging.

  • Learn how to define your blog’s purpose.
  • Learn how to build your blog’s plan.
  • Explore the pros and cons of blog design.
  • Learn more about writing interesting and attention-getting content.
  • Develop your blog writing voice and style.
  • Tips on writing with keywords and search terms.
  • Learn how to encourage your readers to respond.
  • Deal with comment spam and other nasty comments.
  • Explore the new PageRank, TrustRank, and SEO techniques.
  • Learn how to improve SEO with podcasts, video, and other multimedia.
  • Tips to prevent blog burnout.
  • Tips on developing a blog plan of action in response to disasters, emergencies or accusations.
  • Tips on administrating and maintaining your blog.
  • Tips on online social networking and interaction.
  • Learn how to respond to copyright violations.
  • Learn about your rights as a blogger.

You can read more about Lorelle VanFossen book here.

WordPress Themes

For those who are always seeking to build a better theme, like myself, I’m still working at it. Maybe this book WordPress Themes by John Godley can help you out.

WordPress Themes by John Godley (Book) in Computers & Internet


A guide to creating your own themes with WordPress. The guide begins with a short introduction to installing WordPress locally on your own PC, and then follows with a thorough look at how a WordPress theme is constructed. A basic design is established and then expanded upon, ultimately leading to the creation of three example themes. An online accompaniment provides all themes and graphics for download.

Building Online Communities With Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress

Building Online Communities with Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress (Expert's Voice in Open Source)Description: Building Online Communities with Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress is authored by a team of experts. Robert T. Douglass recently created the Drupal-powered blog site NowPublic.com. Mike Little is a founder and contributing developer of the WordPress project. And Jared W. Smith has been a longtime support team member of phpBBHacks.com and has been building sites with phpBB since the first beta releases. ReviewDescription:
Content management, blogs, and online forums are among the most significant online trends today, and Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress are three of the most popular open source applications facilitating these trends.

Drupal is a full content management system that allows you to create any type of website you desire, from an e-commerce to a community-based site. phpBB enables you to set up a bulletin board or forum. And WordPress is the software of choice for the exploding blog community. All three technologies are based on PHP and MySQL.

Summary by Apress

WordPress For Dummies

Description: From the Back Cover
Includes coverage of WordPress MU community software

Create a hosted, self-hosted, or multi-user blog, explore plugins, and more.

WordPress is powerful software known for helping bloggers share their thoughts online. Whether you want to set up a blog in the WordPress community, add a blog in the WordPress community, add a blog to another site, or build your own blogging community, this book shows how WordPress can help. With this book, you’ll soon be navigating WordPress templates plugins, and themes with no problem.

Discover how to:

  • Personalize WordPress settings
  • Understand common template tags
  • Manage and moderate comments
  • Deal with spam and trackback
  • Troubleshoot common problems

Sites that Soar! A WordPress how-to manual by Aisling D’Art

Sites that Soar! A WordPress how-to manual by Aisling D’Art

Description: How to use WordPress and free WordPress themes to manage websites, including content management system (CMS) tips. A 56-page book filled with step-by-step directions and screenshots, written for everyday people

Optimize Niche – WordPress

Description: Optiniche is a superb package if you’re interested in using WordPress to set up niche sites, or if you’re a blogger looking to make some income from your blogging.

The key to using WordPress for niche websites is to make your sites search engine friendly. The same goes for getting more search engine visitors to your blog.

No more searching far and wide for WordPress tips and tricks to get your niche site optimized. In my guide to optimize WordPress for niche websites, you’ll discover:

  • What you need to do before you even make your first post
  • How to create search engine friendlier titles
  • Some of the overlooked features of WordPress and how to use them to your advantage
  • Setting up your keyword and description meta data on every single entry
  • How to avoid posting extremes and set yourself up on a schedule
  • How to combat blog spam and one technique that is sure to keep your blog spam free – period.
  • And, of course, there’s more…

I’ve packed all of this information into a 25 page ebook, but don’t let the size fool you – it was intentional. Your time (ink and paper) is valuable, so I trimmed the fat and jumped straight to the chase. I want to provide you with a document that you can print and use as a reference to get you started the same day.

Review: by adventuresinnetmarketing.com and details by optiniche.com

The IT Girl’s Guide to Blogging with Moxie (Paperback)

For the girls who are too girly but do want to get into blogging here is a book written intentionally for the ladies.

The image “http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41gI32pxv0L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-dp-500-arrow,TopRight,45,-64_OU01_AA240_SH20_.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Description: Inside you will find the need-to-know info to get your blog noticed: How to choose the right blogging platform or content management tool, select a web host, dress up your blog, manage blog content and keep your privates private! When you are ready for more, The Moxie Girls will treat you to insider dish on blog etiquette, analyzing blog traffic, blogging for business, creating podcasts and adding bling to your blog with plugins, add-ons and more. Throw in the refreshing cocktails, beauty tips and gossip with the Girls at the end of each chapter and you’ll be Blogging with Moxie in no time. So, what are you waiting for?

The IT Girl’s Guide to Blogging With Moxie is packed with the content you need wrapped in casual, engaging dialog and a cheeky, bite-sized format.

  • Bargain-blogging with tools such as WordPress®, TypePad®, and Vox
  • Choosing a content management system like Expression Engine or Movable Type
  • Managing blog content, using tags and moderating comments
  • Selecting a professional designer and choosing from off-the-rack templates
  • An introduction to podcasting and videocasting
  • Finding, joining and managing blog communities
  • Protecting your online identity
  • Using a blog to better your business

Building a Blog: A WordPress Guide for Real Estate Professionals by Kathy Tyson

Building a Blog: A WordPress Guide for Real Estate Professionals by Kathy Tyson (Book) in Business & Economics

This book is very niche and I found it intriguing that it is especially made for Real Estate people. Pretty cool, just goes to show how serious people can be by using WordPress or blogging platforms for the business modes.

Description: With the majority of today’s home buyers and sellers going online to shop and sell, real estate agents are learning that technology can be their friend! This easy-to-understand guide provides a step-by-step approach for agents to build a real estate blog.

There ya go my list for now ^_^

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